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Yusuf Sanbo   | 27.10.02 03:38


ATTN: Sir/Madam
Request For Business Partnership:
First, I must solicit your confidence in
this transaction. This is by virtue of its nature as a
confidential and top secret transaction Let me start
by introducing myself, my name is dr YUSUF SANBO, I
am the chief accountant, treasury department in UNION BBANK Plc. I am
writing to you based on prevailing
iInformation I have of you on the internet, to ssolicitate your assistance
In helping to receive large sum of money overseas. Itwas resolved at the
last Management Board Meeting of UNION BANK Plc. to
disburse all probate accounts(accounts owned by deceased, awaiting
claims)that have not been claimed. The beneficiary of this particular
account was a victim of the Lagos boundill-fated Kenyan Airways
flight KQ-430 plane that crashed off the Atlantic Coast of Abidjan capital
of Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa on January 30, 2000.
Based on this resolution, the bank decided to
search for the next of kin (beneficiary) to this
account to no avail, all relevant and necessary
attempts to reach or identify either relatives or
friends of the deceased failed; the attention of his
beneficiary/nextof kin was also sought through several
international gazette with no positive result The
management has decided to declare this money
as UNCLAIMED and subsequently disburse the money amongs the directors. In
order to avert this
negative development, my trusted colleagues and I have
therefore decided to contact you to stand as next of
kin to this fund. All documents to enable you claim
this money will be legally and perfectly worked out in
your name as the beneficiary to this fund. We have
secured from the PROBATE order of MADAMUS to locate
any of the deceased beneficiary. So we are assuring you that this business
is safe and 100% Risk free provided you are willing to work on
instructions. This Account had a credit balance as at the end of
JANUARY 2002 worth Twenty Five Million United States Dollars.
(US$25,000,000). The other necessary information will
be given to you after indication of your interest. I
must say at this point that your areaor field of
specialization will not be a hindrance to this
arrangement. As soon as we receive acknowledgement to
receive this fund on our behalf, we shall furnish you
with therelevant information that will facilitate the
remittance of this money to you.
please send your telephone and fax number and
more so the bank account you wish to lodge this fund
to.Thanks ,await your urgent responses. please i await
your email on my personal emailbox
Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.



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