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olu aba   | 12.11.02 01:05

TEL: ****************.

Dear sir/Madam.


I am contacting you believing you are a honest and trustworthy person. I
believe you will not betray the confidence I have in you to have contacted
you even though we've not met before. Besides, I only got your address
through the Internet.

I am Mr. OLU ABA, Eastern Regional District Manager, Operations and
Co-ordination, United Bank of Nigeria plc. There is a dormant account,
which has not been operational for over a decade now. The account has a net
owner of this account was Eng. Smith B. Andreas, a Briton and manager of
Petro-Technical Support Services.On investigation I discovered that the
account owner is deceased. He died since Ten years ago also discovered that
neither his company nor anybody was named a beneficiary of the fund. If the
money is not claimed and the bank discovers this lapse, the money would be
forfeited. All I want you to do is to collaborate with me by standing in as
the beneficiary because Management is ready to approve the remittance of
the money to any foreigner who has correct information of this account.
Beside I would use my position to facilitate prompt remittance of the funds
into your account. You will be expected to provide a bank account of any
bank of your choice where you want the money to be transferred. If for any
reason you think you're incapable of this transaction, you may recommend
anybody whose integrity is not in doubt. I shall however provide you with
directives on what to do as we proceed. Contact me on my private telephone
numbers above or through my email address with information about your full
contact addresses including personal telephone & fax numbers and Bank
information immediately if you are interested. Also, I need little
information about yourself and what you do for living as well as a strong
assurance that you can guarantee the safety of the money when it gets into
your account.
At the conclusion of this business, I shall travel to your country for
sharing I have mapped out 25% of the total amount for you for assisting me,
5% to take care of all expenses from both party and the remaining for me.

I look forward for prompt reply from you.

Best Regards.

Mr.olu Aba,


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