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prince abacha   | 05.11.02 00:02

Dear Sir,
i acknowledge the receipt of your mail with thanks.

like i told you earlier,my mother and i left our
country immediately after my father's death.we were
meant to travel to saudi arabia but our travelling
documents were confiscated,we had to enter our
neighboring country through diplomatic channell.

we arrived ACCRA GHANA with the fund and because of
the volume,my mother decided to deposit it in a
security company where demand for credentails is
low.she refused inspection because she did not want
the securit company to have bad intentions over the
consignmen or alerting the government,for this reason
the consignment was placed under a high insurance

she deposited this consignment and when the security
company insisted on inspection? she told them
that the consignment is owned by her foreign partner
hoping that she will find herself a foriegn partner
will help her but the dream never saw the light of the
day as death captured her and before she died she
handed me over the certificate of deposit and
certificate of ownership which was issued to her by
the security company and must be presented on the day
of claim and still maintained the strict instruction
of me presenting my foreign partner to the security
company before releasing the consignment to me,knowing
fully well that i am not business inclined and knows
nothing about investments.

you will have to forward to me your full name,
address, phone and fax for the purpose of changing of
ownership to your name which qualifies you as a
bonafide beneficiary of the consignment and as my
partner,then i write an application to the security
you can call me ****************
i await for your reply

best regards



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