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henry mane  | 14.12.02 13:22

Dear Sir

I am obliged to confide in you with the hope that you
will understand my plights and urgent need of your
assistance and also the need to accord this
communication the confidenciality it deserves.
My name is Henry M. Mane, the son to the second wife of
General Hanse Mane, the former chief of defence staff
who was killed on December 17th 2000 allegedly for
resisting arrest because of his role as rebel leader
in the 1998 rebellion in Guinea Bissau.

Sequent persecution by the present government of
Guinea Bissau, I left with
to Abidjan-Cote d'Ivoire, with the Certificate of
deposit which was issued to my father when he
deposited the One trunk box with a Security Company
here in Abidjan. This box contain the sum of US$18
but were declared to the security company
officials as containing African art for export to a
foreign partner for security reasons.

I have visited the security company but was told that
the deposit agreement required the presence of the
foreign partner on whose behalf the consignment was
deposited before any application for the clearance of
the box will be considered. Therefore, I am
contacting you to front you as the foreign partner to
my late father on whose behalf the consignment was

Afterwards, this money shall be transferred to your
private account for investment purposes with you as
the general overseer. As soon as I receive your return
mail indicating your willingness to assist me in this
business, we shall discuss what shall be your
percentage fee for your assistance.

Waiting for your urgent response through this my private

Thanks and God bless



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