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Jim Ray   | 23.08.02 14:09

My dear,

I am very happy to receive your quick reponse towards been a partner with
me in this transaction.

Good friend, I want to let you know first that I am not a joker or a story
teller but I work with the said bank here in Lome - Togo, a country in the
western region of Africa.

The fund in question is deposited in a DOLLAR ACCOUNT an was finally taken
to the bank's ESCROW ACCOUNT when nobody was coming for for it,and that is
why I have contacted you for you to apply as the next of kin to this
fund,hence the benefactor(depositor) died with all his family and since
then nobody has come for the claim and this secret
is between me and you and as such I would not want us to have a third
party.I think I made it clear to you on my first letter to you.

My dear,I will only pray that you will be able to keep this whole
transaction within yourself only, cause if my bank know that I am involved
in this transaction I will loose my job,loose the fortune my
prestige and reputation while other bank actions will follow.

You have nothing to worry about since I am still working with the said bank
and for this,I will be working as an insider on this transaction, so be
rest assured and have a rest of mind. This is 100% risk free OK.

I would want you to assure me that at the end of this transaction that you
will not vanish in the thin air or sit on this fund. You must bear in mind
that once you have done this, you have killed
somebody somewhere and the fate of my family will be off.

Infact Again,I am very happy to see that you are
impressed,that shows your great interest and
willingness to participate in this transaction which will only last for
about eight working days pending on your full coperation as it might be
needed. LIke I said before,no risk is involve in this deal.

I will be happy if you will let me know the areas of investment one can
embark on in your country so that the plan could be urgently drawn once you
confirm this fund in your account soon.

I am gething old and will want to stay a peacefull life with my family in
your country as soon as you confirm this fund in your account.As it might
please you to know,I am a knight of St John (KSJ)
in my church and will always want you to put this transaction in prayers
any time you are saying
your private prayer.

May our good God bless you and your family till we meet in your country.

My good friend, I want you to know that I will not be a stranger to you
soon and for this reason I been the only issue of my late parents has
virtually adopted you by business as my only immediate relation in the
world, I will send to you my international passport and that of my dear
wife, and I beleive that all this will be a proof to you
on whom you are dealing with and to have a look of me and my wife.

My dear,the very first important step on this transaction is for to send a
specimen of a letter of a letter of application which you will retype, fill
and send to the bank here for approval,then after which we have to pray
that the bank approves your application since if they the bank does not
approve that application then we cannot do anything
but I promise and know that I will do my home work very well and with my
underground work here, you will be approved.

Anyway, this is exactly what I want you to do:-

Like I said earlier,the first step towards the realisation of this
transaction is for you to write a text of application letter to our bank
here for approval, and whereby approval is granted in your
name,then the fund will be transferred into your account after which I will
come over for the sharing.

I said again,please promise me that you will not tell any body about this
transaction untill we conclude all arrangement and have it transfered
into your account. Again,I would not want to regret having known or
contacted you because I would not like after all my efforts and this fund
gets into your account,then you will disappear or seat on the
fund and begin to pose a security threat to me and my family.

please give me your confidential telephone and fax number where I can reach
to you on a general information thereby fax to you a copy of the text of

I will be expecting your e-mail or telephone call as soon as you receive
this message and indicate your full interest after this detailed
information which I have laid down to you, then I will send to you the text
of application which you will transtype in your company letter headed paper
or plain sheet, fill accordingly and then fax to the
desk of the director of operations of our bank here for approval.

Regards from me.


N/B.Please confirm the receipt of the following :-



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