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Jim Ray  | 27.08.02 14:11

My dear brother *****,

Top of the day to you.

I am very happy to receive your e-mail message of willingness and
understanding to assist in this project.

I will start by answering your questions:

First, I would want to come to Russia after the transfer of the fund is
made into your account because I want to invest in Russia through your aid
as proffessionals, so on this note I will not receive cash rather an
account will be opened in Russia in my name where my part of the fund will
be paid into before investment plan is drawn for me by you.

Yes, like I said before an account will be opened in my name in Russia
where my part of the fund will be paid into.

I will be coming to Russia immediately you confirm the fund in your account
for you to arrange for viable areas where I will invest my part of the

No brother *****, I will not use any offshore account of any other person
anywhere to store my money, all money keeping should be in Russia and no
other place.

I have already spent a lot of money in obtaining some documents which I
have successfully SNEAKED into the file of late Mr.Ben Karlson for the
successfull execution of this transaction, so I do not beleive that there
might be the request for any other documents but incase it comes up we
should no what to do.

I will be sending to you the text of application immediately.




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