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Jim Ray   | 19.11.02 12:58

My dear,

Top of the day to you over there.

I must say that I am not happy for not hearing from you again and at this
moment I really don't know your interest again in doing this transaction
with me.

Please, I will be happy to hear from you that you have send the text of
application which I send to you to the bank or that you are no longer
interested in doing this transacion with and by then you are no sending the
text of application to the bank again.

However, we don't have time again since very soon the bank will emback on
the ending of year auditing work and it may be in our favour if the bank
starts the auditing withour approving this application as they may ask you
to apply for this fund come next year.

Well I do hope that come tomorrow you will be able to send the letter of
application to the bank or let me know your mind towards this project.

Please, if it will be possible for you do give me a call once you send the
application to the bank I will be happy, anyway kindly give me your direct
telephone number so that I will give you a call as soon as possible for I
really want to hear your voice.

However, I wish to let you know that I will be going to the ministry of
internal affairs of this country to go and open up a joint company between
you and the late Mr Ben Karlson, as it is one of the requirment the bank
will need in order to approve your application. That is why I really needed
you to give me a call once you send the application to the bank tomorrow.

My number once again is ************ I will be waiting your call later.

Thanks and God bless you and your family.



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