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OSAS  | 18.11.02 13:53

From:The Desk Of Dr OSAS AGBONS.
Email ******************

Dear Sir,

Let me first apologise to you for any embarrassment
this mail might cause you.
I am OSAS AGBONS, a cousin to the Vice Presidentof
the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Alhaji Atiku) and
Executive Director of SADIQ PETROLUEM LTD.I have
decided to contact you for this business proposal
based on the mutual understanding I know that can
exist between us, having known that people of your
Country are trustworthy.

Since May 1999 when the new Government came to
power,large sums of money have been recovered from
our past military leaders who siphoned money from
Nigeria and deposited it in offshore accounts in
Europe,America,Asia and some parts of Africa, for
their own selfish benefits. This happened during
the military regime,Now we are under a democratically
elected government. This fund was among the money
recovered and seized by the Federal Government of

Hence, my elder cousin (Alhaji Atiku Abubakar) the
Vice-President of Nigeria is in charge of all
off-shore accounts seized and retrieved from our
past military leaders.Therefore, we urged you to assist
us provide a very vital offshore account, where the sum
of US$25,000,000.00 (Twenty Five Million) US Dollars
will be transferred for safe keeping.

Presently, this money is in a foreign Country I
cannot mention now.Please note that other information will
be detailed to you on the receipt of your reply. My
account owner)for this transaction 30% of the total
amount remitted while 60%is for me and Cousin Atiku,
for the purchase of foreign investments, with your
assistance after the money have been disbursed,
while 10% is for expenses both of us will incur.

Note, I have been mandated by my elder cousin to
handle this deal with you, due to his position in
the Nigerian Government as the second citizen.
Therefore, if my proposal satisfies you, kindly contact me via
my e-mail address and enclose your phone and fax
numbers for urgent confidential discussion.Your letter of
acceptance indicating your personal telephone and fax
numbers to enable us move ahead.

Besides, this transaction is risk-free and hoped to
last 7 (seven) banking days upon my elder cousin
Alhaji Atiku Abubakar's authorisation.I thank you
for your expected co-operation.

God Bless you.Best Regards.Also send your reply to my alternative email
address below **************



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