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yemi_ola  | 13.02.03 11:27

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I am contacting you in respect of the context
You should not be curious about your contact, it was through your
country chamber of commerce under the journal department when
searching for a trustworthy foreign person to transact this deal
with. I am Barrister Yemi Olatunji a solicitor and advocate with
Williams solicitor chamber.Precisely,I am personal counsel and
lawyer to Mr Hoffman Wyne a citizen of your country but resident in
Nigeria. I handle all his contractual and legal matters.Mr Hoffman
was a renowned contractor with federal Govement of Nigeria and
outstanding customer of Union Bank Nigeria PLC for period of years
before his sudden death through
a plane crash with his wife and the only two children while
travelling on vacation,involving concord AF4590 in Gonesse,
France.Presently, there is an outstanding balance ofus$23.6m in his
domiciliary account with the Bank before his death. consequently, the
most disheartening aspect of this tragedy was that Mr Hoffman's wife
who was a victim of the plane crash was his next of kin. Sequel to
this ugly and regrettable situation,the Bank had make several effort
to trace his relations for possible replacement of next of kin to
claim the money in order to avoid violating Banks professional
ethics, but to no avail. Base on my relationship with Hoffman as his
lawyer, I was approach and instructed by the Bank authorities with
the probate an order of mandamus to locate any of the deceased
relatives within a stipulated time frame of 21 Banking working days
for the claims, if on the contrary the money will be in the Bank
suspense account according to the Bank policies. After a thorough!
search from the available confidential records of Mr Hoffman Wyne
with me,I could not found any. Hence I decided to
contact you as a trustworthy person to stand as the next of kin for
us to secure the money. and part of the money will be used for
charity organization. Please if you are willing and interested do not
hesitate to forward your full name, telephone and fax numbers and
account number to enable us summit an application to the Banks. You
should be aware that
this transaction his risk free as all the documentation are
legitimate and would be legally backed.You should therefore treat
this matter with the urgency it requires.

Note:I promise to send you every vital documents/information that
will enable you standfully in as the next of kin and beneficiary of
the funds.40% of the funds will be yours and 50% will be mine and 10%
will be for your expenses.You can contact me through my private email

Thanks in anticipation.
Yours sincerely,
Barrister Yemi Olatunji(SAN)


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