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DON CYRIL   | 18.09.02 00:02

Fax: **************


With due respect and humility, I write to you this
business transaction proposal. I am Mr Don Cyril, the
auditor general of a bank in South Africa. During the
course of our auditing, I discovered a floating fund
in an account opened in the bank in 1990 and since
1993, nobody has operated on this account again. After
going through some old files in the records, I
discovered that the owner of the account died without
a heir/next of kin or any close relation. I am writing
following the impressive information about you through
one of my friends who run a consultancy firm in your

The owner of this account is Mr. Allan P. Seaman, a
foreigner, and a sailor. He died in 1993 in a road
accident and no other person knows about this account
or anything concerning it. The account has no other
beneficiary and my investigation proved to me as well
that Mr. Allan P. Seaman until his death was the
manager Diamond Safari Company(pty) South Africa.

According to our Banking policies and guideline here
which stipulates that if such money remained unclaimed
after five years, the money will automatically be
transfered into the Bank treasury as unclaimed
fund.The request of foreigner as next of kin in this
business transaction is occasioned by the fact that
the customer was a foreigner and a citizen of south
Africa cannot stand as next of kin to a foreigner.

We will start the first transfer with twenty six
million {$26,000,000.00usd}. Upon successful
conclussion without any disappointment from your side,
we shall re-apply for the payment of the remaining
amount to your account. The amount involved is {USD
126M} One hundred and twenty six million United States
Dollars. Only I want to first transfer $26,000,000.00
{twenty six million United States Dollar} from this
money into a safe foreigner's account abroad before
the rest, but I don't know any foreigner, I am only
contacting you as a foreigner because this fund cannot
be approved to a local account for the deseased owner
is a foregner. It can only be approved into a foreign

The management of the bank is ready to release this
fund to any person who has the correct information
about the account.With my influence and the position
of the bank officials, we can transfer this money to
any foreigner's reliable account which you can provide
with assurance that this money will be intact pending
our physical arrival in your country for sharing. The
bank officials will destroy all documents of
transaction immediately we receive this money leaving
no trace of the fund to any place. Two of us will fly
to your country immediately after the fund is remmited
into your account.

I will apply for annual leave to get visa immediately
I hear from you that you are ready to act and receive
this fund in your account. I will use my position and
influence to obtain all legal approvals for onward
transfer of this money to your account with
appropriate clearance from the relevant ministries and
foreign exchange departments. At the conclusion of
this transaction, you will be given 35% of the total
amount,as a foreign partner,in respect to the
provision of a foreign account, 60% will be for me,
while 5% will be for reimbursement of any expenses
incured during the curse of the transaction.

Therefore to enable the immediate transfer of this
fund to you as arranged,you must apply first to the
bank as relation or next of kin of the deceased,
indicating your bank name, your bank account number
and location where the fund will be remitted .

Upon the receipt of your reply, I will send to you by
fax or email the text of the application. I will not
fail to bring to your notice that this transaction is
hitch free and that you should not entertain any atom
of fear as all required arrangements have been made
for the transfer .You should contact me immediately as
soon as you receive this letter.Trusting to hear from
you immediately through this very email address.

Thanks and best regards,
Don Cyril.

N.B: I need your phone and fax number for easy
communications as the case may be.I will send my own
to you upon your reply. My fear is the safetyness of
this fund once transfered to your account so i need a
strong assurance that you will never let me down
either now or in future. We shall be following the
instructions from the key bank official who is deeply
involved in this transaction.


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