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mrsmaryama Abacha   | 11.11.02 09:42

Dear Sir
l am Dr. (Mrs.) Maryam Abacha, wife to the late Nigeria
Head of State-General
Sani Abacha. I am proposing this business to you because we
could be
of great assistance to each other, likewise developing a
cordial business
relationship. I currently have within my reach the sum of
sixty five
Million, United States Dollars (US$65,000,000.00) cash that
I intend
to use for investment purposes specifically in your

This money came as a result of a pay back contract deal
between my late
husband and a Russian firm on our country s Multi-billion
Dollars Ajaokuta
Steel Plant. The Russian partners returned my husbands
share of US$65
million after his death and lodged it with my husbands
security firm
in Nigeria of which I am a director.

Right now, the new civilian government has revoked our
licenses that
allow us to own a financial and oil company. In view of
this, I acted
very fast in withdrawing the US$65 million from the
company s vault well
preserved and packaged in trunk boxes and deposited it in
ECOWAS security

I have since declared our security company bankrupt no
record ever existed
concerning the money neither is the money traceable by the
because there is no document showing that we received the
money from
the Russians.

Due to the present situation in the country regarding the
government s
attitude towards my family. It has become quite impossible
for me to make use of the money within the country, thus I
seek your
assistance to move the money out of this country, on your
consent, I
shall expect you to contact me urgently to bearing in mind
that your
assistance is needed to transfer this fund and the
transaction will be
mutually beneficial.

Your urgent response is required. All correspondences must
be channeled
to our legal adviser Hon. Ibrahim Abdulahi (Esq) through
his email address.
I must also use this opportunity to implore you to
exercise the utmost indulgence to keep this transaction a

Best Regards.



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